car insurance


what is car insurance ?

In addition, some types of car insurance are available only through particular kinds of dealerships or retail outlets (such as gasoline stations). Be sure you understand exactly what's covered before signing any agreement. If something happens to your car, then it costs money that could be coming out of pocket instead being reimbursed by their insurers. Car insurers will check them specifically based on claims history for all drivers listed on the policy.

how to get cheaper car insurance?

  • get quotes from many different companies
  •  compare prices, coverage and discounts offered by different insurance providers

Make sure to check the provider's customer satisfaction ratings before you buy.* Use online tools that will help you save time while comparing rates - like eSurance’s Car Insurance Calculator or Geico’s Quick Quote Comparisons. You can also use an app for mobile devices in order to shop on your own terms. We recommend Progressive Mobile which is free to download*. If possible, call up multiple providers at one time so they can compete against each other* via phone instead of just relying on their websites only. This way it may be easier for them to offer lower premiums than if you were shopping exclusively online.

Lastly, use the internet to your advantage by searching for "car insurance" + coupons or promo codes*. It's possible that you can get a discount on your policy if you find and apply one of these deals! Some companies like Liberty Mutual offer discounts such as: multi-policy (if you have more than one car insured with them) and good driver discounts (for low mileage drivers).*Make sure to check out eSurance’s blog post “The Right Way To Use Your Coupon Codes And Save Big On Car Insurance.*

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